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Workshops for Parents of Sporting Children

Are you a parent of a child who loves to play sport? Do you encourage your child to play sport and take pleasure in seeing your child enjoy themselves as they develop? Do you sometimes feel under pressure or are unsure of how to best assist your child in their chosen sport? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then Winning Essence's supporting parents workshops could be for you.

Let me clarify. We at Winning Essence do not seek to tell you how to parent your child. These workshops are not parenting workshops. You are the expert in that field. Instead, our research has identified that parents of children who play sport encounter numerous and varied demands on them and their time. Too often, we see reports of parents being unsure of where to turn in order to cope with the various stresses and strains being a parent of a sporty child can entail.

If you want to learn practical strategies for how to support you child in the sporting environment, how to promote enjoyment in order to maintain motivation, how to understand the cognitive development of children better or simply how to understand your changing role over time, then our workshops are for you.  They are designed with you, the parent, in mind. Each workshop is based on the most contemporary research into the role of significant others (parents, peers, coaches) in developing talent.

Workshop 1. "Your changing role"

This 2 hour workshop provides you, the parent, with an opportunity to meet other parents of sporting children. It provides you with details of what you can expect from your changing role over time so that you will have a clearer understanding of the future. The workshop provides you with the opportunity to discuss your present role with others and provides some practical suggestions on the best way to cope with some of the more common issues that parents of sporty children tend to experience.

Workshop 2. "A supportive and enjoyable journey"

Do you wonder how to support your child's sporting development? are you unsure if what you are doing is the best support you can give to develop your child's talent? This 2 hour practical workshop examines findings from research into the development of talent and the significant role parents have to play in that development. Practical suggestions will be provided focussing on maintaining enjoyment of the sport, getting the most out of practice sessions and matches as well as effective practical ways of dealing with setbacks and emotional control.


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