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Workshops for Sport Teams

Is your team seeking assistance with their play? Do you think that your team is underperforming but you are not sure why? Then our workshops with teams may provide the answers. Winning Essence's workshops examine the most frequently identified reasons why a team may not be performing to its potential. While there may be no "I" in team, there certainly is a "me" - and teams often forget this at their peril. So allow our workshops to explore the role of group dynamics with your team.

Workshop 1. "Team roles".

Introduce your team members to the important role that each individual has to play within the team. This workshop explores the role that each player feels they play within the team and identifies how to optimise the impact that each individual has upon their team's performance. After all, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Workshop 2. "Group communication"

Ever wondered how important communication is to a team? Ever think that your team could communicate better? If so, this workshop examines the effectiveness of your team's communication and provides your team with the opportunity to explore communication strategies in order to improve the communication and performance of your team. 

Workshop 3. "Group cohesion"

If you are worried about the performance of your team, perhaps the answer lies in how cohesive they are as a team. This workshop explores the level of cohesion with your team and provides a means by which team cohesion can be improved. The workshop considers practical suggestions of effective goal setting, motivation and understanding to improve the performance of your team.

Our team workshops can be conducted at a venue of your choosing. The workshops emphasise practical involvement as part of a practice session to maximise their effectiveness and the learning points.

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