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Sport and Exercise Psychology Services

Tune up your tennis

Is your game being hampered by your mind getting in the way? Do you wish that you could concentrate when you need to and not allow nerves to ruin your game? Winning Essence can assist you with our range of tennis workshops. 

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Golf Success!

Is your enjoyment of golf ruined by your mental state? Does it always feel like you are not getting better? Perhaps your mind is sabotaging the hard work you put into your practice. If so, Winning Essence's specially designed golf workshops could assist you. 

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Music Performance Anxiety Webinar

Join Dr Ally Daubney and myself as we explore the causes of, and numerous strategies to handle, music performance anxiety in this free webinar on Monday 11 November 2019. Hosted by the ISM Trust, this webinar will provide practical help for music teachers seeking to assist their students handling the psychological demands of performing. 

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Winning Essence is here to provide you with everything you need to develop your potential whatever your sport or performance domain. Take a look at our skill development diagram to the side here. Consider the importance you place on each of the four central areas of skill development. Then, think about how you have been training to date. If you feel you are not achieving your potential then it is likely that one aspect of your skill development is unattended to. Far too often this is the mental or psychological side of your game/performance. If you feel that you are not taking the benefits of your practice into matches, if you are struggling to maintain motivation or feeling embarrassed about what others may think of your performance or if you are simply not enjoying yourself as much as you would like, the answer may be in your mental approach.

Here at Winning Essence we provide a bespoke service to provide tailored psychological skills training on a one to one, team or workshop basis. Our goal is your development and enjoyment of your favourite activity, including sport, exercise and music. In this way, we develop your potential and fill that gap. If you don't believe us, just look at what our customers have been saying about us.

So whatever your sport, choice of exercise or music performance domain and whatever your goal, Winning Essence can assist you to "become what you want to be."

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