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Psychology Services


At Winning Essence we have the expertise to help you get the most out of your participation in sport and exercise whatever your level and aspirations.

Tennis Coaching:

    We hold expertise and experience in delivering bespoke tennis coaching for tennis players at all levels across Brighton and Hove. Our emphasis is on successfully combining the mental, technical, physical and strategic aspects of tennis development to help you move to the next level and, more importantly, enjoy your tennis more. We are accredited tennis coaches and our qualifications and experience help us to provide friendly and enjoyable tennis lessons for you, whatever you want to achieve. To enquire about tennis lessons, please contact us directly.


    We also provide individual, team and parental Sport and Exercise Psychology assistance as well as services for coaches. Common examples of areas in which we have consulting expertise include:

    For Individuals in Sport:

    • Loss of self-confidence;
    • Coping with nerves and pressure;
    • Developing your talent;
    • Getting the most out of your practice;
    • Poor concentration;
    • Inability to maintain enjoyment;
    • Loss of motivation;
    • Emotional control for optimal performance. 

    For Individuals who Exercise:

    For exercise participants, common psychological issues include:

    • Lack of time;
    • Feeling the pressure that they 'should' exercise;
    • Lack of motivation;
    • Ineffective goal-setting;
    • Too tired to exercise;
    • Failure to stick to a regime and follow it through. 

    For Teams:

    With teams the emphasis changes to team construction, team dynamics and the role of the individual within the team. Common issues for consideration include:

    • Lack of team cohesion;
    • Loss of team confidence;
    • Poor team communication;
    • Enhancing understanding of team roles;
    • Team goal-setting and motivation. 


    For Coaches:

    We also have a wide variety of services to assist coaches as part of your talent development programmes. We are available for consultation on how to successfully integrate talent and youth development principles into your existing development programmes. Mental skills training should be embedded within any talent and youth development programme from an early age. This should be as part of an inter-disciplinary approach to enhance the overall effectiveness of the programme.

    For Parents:

    Parents can also receive practical assistance and support from us in helping themselves and their children develop in sport. Finding ways of understanding and coping with the stresses and strains of being a parent of a child who loves sport, is a common need identified by parents.

    If any of these issues sound familiar or if you have another problem and are wondering if we can help, contact us.

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