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Golf Workshops

Workshop 1. "Game preparation" 

Ever wondered why your practice swing does not get carried onto the golf course? Are you confused why your practice does not seem to enhance your game? Are you a slow starter and plagued with unhelpful thoughts throughout your round? This 2 hour workshop provides you with practical suggestions and tips on how to get the most out of your practice sessions and how to effectively prepare for a round of golf, to ensure you get the most from it. 

Workshop 2. "The first tee"

A classic mental horror stage for many people, the first tee in golf can be viewed by many as a place of complete vulnerability and embarrassment. This practical workshop explores the reasons why the first tee is often so dreaded. It will then provide practical mental strategies to help you learn to embrace that most dreaded of golfing situations. 

Workshop 3. "Making golf routine"

Ever wondered why you can play so great one day and so awful the next? Ever feel as if you do not know what is coming as you address the golf ball? If so, this 2 hour workshop is for you. It considers the main reasons for inconsistent play before providing practical suggestions to improve your confidence about your shots on the course. 

Workshop 4. "Drive for show"

Is your mind constantly full of ineffective swing thoughts? Keep reminding yourself what not to do when stood on the tee? Does "Don't hit it in the bunker!" sound familiar to you? This workshop provides you with new methods of thinking while on the golf course. The suggestions in this workshop are designed to promote clarity of thought so that you can swing freely on the golf course. Challenge yourself to play better golf with this workshop.

Workshop 5. "Putt for dough"

If it is drive for show and putt for dough, then why do so many club players neglect the art of enjoyable putting. If the hole always seems to be smaller than the 4.25 inch diameter of a golf hole, then this workshop is for you. We explore the nature of putting the ball into the hole in this 2 hour workshop. From 'the Yips' to fear of missing, you will be provided with a range of practical strategies to help you overcome any problems you may be encountering with this fine art.

Workshop 6. "Effective analysis for enjoyable development"

When the round is finished it is all too easy to miss out on the opportunity for development that our game provides - post match analysis. While this might not seem immediately appealing, the ability to effectively monitor our performance is a major key to future success in golf. This workshop gives you the tools to effectively analyse your game and successfully identify areas of improvement. Our goal is to enhance your motivation to practice. 

All of our golf workshops can be conducted on a driving range, practice ground or putting green near you to allow you to integrate the practical mental suggestions with actual practice.

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