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Tennis Workshops

Workshop 1 – "Enhancing Motivation for the Season"

This workshop examines your existing level of motivation and explores the reasons for it. It then provides new and exciting methods of motivating yourself for the season ahead to allow you to enter the season with excitement and enthusiasm.

Workshop 2 - "Supporting Yourself"

This workshop examines your mental preparation for matches. It examines your pre-match routines and gives you practical suggestions on how to mentally engage with the match from the warm up onwards. The workshop then provides strategies to help you to support yourself in matches by examining your preferred communication methods on court. By the end of the workshop, you will have numerous strategies to enable you to enjoy your matches more by truly supporting yourself. 

Workshop 3 - "Taking your Practice Game into Matches"

Ever get frustrated by playing worse in a tennis match than you do when you practice? Ever feel like you are not playing like you know you can? There are good reasons why people fail to take their practice game into matches. This three hour workshop will explain why and provide you with easy to use, practical ways to change the situation.

Workshop 4 – "Using Momentum"

As tennis players we are frequently told of the impact of momentum. However while we are aware of this notion, we rarely have the opportunity to consider altering momentum as well as gaining the maximum benefit from it. This workshop provides you with the chance to experience momentum changes, the feelings associated with those changes and practical strategies to help you fight back against such changes when playing tennis.

Workshop 5 - "Developing your Game Off-Court" 

Skill is not just acquired while you are playing tennis. There are numerous fun exercises you can do to improve your game without being on court. This fun workshop provides you with such exercises for you to use when you are either not able to play or unable to find the time to play.

Workshop 6 – "Playing Well Under Pressure"

This workshop explores the reasons why people do not play well under pressure. The workshop integrates the most modern research findings into practical suggestions for playing well in pressure situations. The workshop provides pressure inducing situations and examines the effectiveness of your existing methods of handling pressure. The workshop then develops your existing strategies to provide you with a whole new approach to enable you to play your best tennis, and obtain the most enjoyment, when under pressure.

Workshop 7 - "Confidence for Tennis" 

Ever say to yourself "I just need a couple of wins to improve my confidence?" Think this will resolve your confidence crisis? This often sought but very elusive quality is not solely reliant on wins. Find out plenty of practical strategies you can follow to help increase and maintain your confidence.

Workshop 8 – "Embracing the Tie-Break"

Tie-breaks provide a unique mental challenge within the game of tennis. They alter the normal operation of the match and change the rules by which the set is won. This workshop explores the unique mental challenge provided by a tie-break. The workshop considers effective ways of thinking to enable you to gain the advantage either in long (10 point) or short (7 point) tie-breaks. Effective ways of thinking, feeling and behaving will be explored in this three hour session.

Workshop 9 - "Controlling your Emotions" 

Find out how to get the best out of yourself by channelling your emotions. This workshop will help you understand the role of emotions in tennis and teach you how to get the most out of yours. This workshop provides practical and fun activities to develop your emotional profile and how to maintain yourself in the best position emotionally to play your best tennis.

Workshop 10 – "Finishing the Match"

We all know the feeling of playing a match and being in sight of the finishing line. The desire to finish the match and claim what you desire most can often be a very pressurising and stressful experience. This three hour practical workshop examines the reasons why winning that final game can often be so difficult. It will then provide you with practical strategies to assist you in finishing the match.

Workshop 11 - "Doubles Chemistry" 

Do you have trouble playing doubles with different players? Want to know how to get maximum enjoyment and performance no matter who your partner is? This workshop will assist you with practical suggestions on how to build effective chemistry with your doubles partner irrespective of who they are. 

Workshop 12 – "Self-Regulation for Maximum Impact"

How often have you heard the phrase "You learn the most about your game from your mistakes." While this statement may be true it is often very difficult to objectively evaluate your performance after a game has finished. Interference from your emotions and time constraints can often lead to poor match analysis. This represents a missed opportunity for you to develop your game. This 3 hour workshop is designed to assist you in evaluating your matches. It will provide you with a framework that is easy to use and understand. It also provides physical drills to enable you to effectively evaluate your in-match, as well as your post-match, performance.

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